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  • Why is it that when I’m studying for an incoming exam all I can think about are possible plots for fanfic stories this is not normal

  • Is it just sungjong or the other members came to watch #SS6 too?

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  • 140917 한강껍데기 naver blog post about Sungjong 

    The post said the owner of the restaurant cooked 미역국 (seaweed soup - dish that you traditionally eat on your birthday in Korea) for Sungjong’s birthday this year but he got hurt/injured while filming something so he couldn’t come and eat it. Then Sungjong heard about the seaweed soup the owner made for him from Sunggyu who had gone there so he did come to the restaurant to eat it. After that whenever Sungjong passes by the restaurant, he never forgets to go inside and greet the owner. 

    The photo in the post was taken 2 days ago when Sungjong passed by the restaurant on his way to go to work out. 

    translation by qhuong

    (Source:, via allsungjong)

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  • tvfxqs asked : infinite, then



    • My first bias:  sungjong
    • Your current bias and why: sungjong
    • Favourite song: sungjong
    • Favourite MV: sungjong
    • OTP: myungjong
    • Member you think has the best smile: sungjong
    • Favourite choreography: sungjong
    • Favourite era: sungjong
    • Do you own any merchandise: sungjong
    • Have you seen them live: sungjong
    • Favourite voice/singer: sungjong
    • Favourite dancer: sungjong

    say a kpop group and lets see if I know them

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  • cacklesnicely asked : i hope you're not too busy with requests, but could you write a gyujong fic where sunggyu does something he wouldn't normally do or changes a habit of his for sungjong's sake? and maybe have sungjong give him kisses as a reward~? thank you in advance ♥


    I had fun writing this one and in the end I got a bit carried away so this is a bit longer than the usual oneshots hehehe hope you don’t mind that I wrote it in a domestic!au setting

    Title: Three Simple Words

    Summary: There’s only 1 way to say those 3 words for you.


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