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    what’s better than this? guys being dudes 

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  • coffeeandfaith:

    Just because I find you attractive doesnt mean I like you. You appeal to my eyes, not my heart or mind. It’s not that deep.

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  • fyeah-infinite:

    141017 - Twitter @inspiritddww: 
    왘 무지무지 열심히 정글 헤매고 왔더니 우리 울림이가 달라졌어요..흐흐 무지막지하게 힘이 솟아 난다!!!크캬 인피니트 꿈 크기처럼 잴 수없는 자랑입니다~.~더 높은 하늘을 위하여! 우리들의 재능은 무한대비상해!


    Wahㅋ It was very hard wandering the jungle, and when I come back, our Woollim has changed..heuheu I am outrageously energized!!! keukya I’m so proud, as INFINITE’s dream which can’t be measured~.~To a higher heaven! Our talents that are infinitely soaring!
    translated by: fyeah-infinite ; take out with full credits.

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  • mazel888:

    Why I love INFINITE

    Why I’ll continue to support them no matter what. 

    Their sweat, tears, and pain just to debut, not even knowing if they’ll make it big. Coming from a small company no one cared about, trying to make a name for themselves. 

    This Inspirit will be by your side no matter what, because my love for your music is INFINITE. 

    Inspirits, work hard to give INFINITE the awards and recognition they deserve. 

    I, naekkeohaja-jongiee-ah, swears to support INFINITE to the best of my ability-from this day onwards up to infinity and beyond. ♥♥

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  • I’m the only one awake right now in our house and I’m sure I heard a crackling sound. It doesn’t sound like bones being stretched but wth its midnight and the lights are turned off so Goodnight guys.

    • *watches a movie*
    • *sees a dog*
    • me: if something happens to that dog I sWEAR TO GOD
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